• Mineral Water

    The mine is on the south plateau of the Caucasus; Pshavis Aragvi rive is the major hydrological artery with general collected area of 1900 square km; in 1950-70 years there were drilled 26 wells of up to 40-250 meter depth in there; all of them had the relevant outcomes; currently 7 wells are functioned, from which three of them are applied for drinking purposes and distinguished for their medicinal features;  outcomes; 
  • Mountain Spring

    The source of water is in 800 meter from the plant, in particular on the mountain plateau at 1300 index. Chemical and microbiological investigation of Chargali water showed that water contains the minerals necessary for life and by its chemical composition and taste it complies with the highest standards of drinkable water throughout the world.
  • Lemonade
    The company produces non-alcoholic soft refreshing carbonated drink, which is ecologically clean natural product. The drink is characterized with higher quality fragrant and flavoring features gained as a result of the fragrant produced from fruit raw materials. The drink contains biologically active substances and vitamins characterizing the fruit Varieties:  cherry, peach, pear, apple, pineapple guava, quince, black current, strawberry, Vineyards (Isabella; saperavi; aladasturi, fizzy white). 
  • Aromatic "Chargali"

    Fragrant of “Chargali” are produced from different vegetable raw materials and represents the natural, ecologically clean product; it is characterized with higher aromatic features; for fragrant purposes there are applied Georgian fruits contained in the structure of the fragrant substances consisting in their turn of the plants